BergoLED Speed Repair System

Smart Repair at
the speed of light!

Quick, easy and safe repairs -
with the BergoLED Speed Repair System

Speed, durability and safe and simple processing play a major role not only in repairs in the wind power industry. With the BergoLED Speed Repair System, maintenance costs can be reduced and the service life of components to be repaired can be increased. Compared to other repair systems, the material can save up to 90% of the time required for repairs without compromising on durability

Simple processing

While the resin can be processed very well on GRP surfaces, the patent-pending putty also delivers excellent results on CFRP, steel, aluminum, plastic, concrete or wood surfaces. This makes BergoLED Speed Repair suitable not only for use in the wind power industry, but also for applications in many other sectors.

Both materials can be used in a wide range of environmental conditions and offer full protection against environmental influences and extreme UV stability immediately after curing. The use of a UV marker and the use of only one component ensure simple processing and high process reliability.

Your benefits

Time saving

  • up to 90%


Simple application

  • 1K material (no mixing)
  • UV marker as an indicator for curing
  • Mobile use with tubular bags (putty), small buckets (resin) and suitable UV LED lamps

Surface tolerance

  • for all resin types

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