Steopox 248 now also available in other colors

In the case of interior tank coatings, the focus is particularly on resistance to chemicals. However, electrical conductivity to prevent explosive reactions or physiological harmlessness also play an important role.

The solvent-free, DIBt-approved Steopox 248-2 HCB Multicolor offers coating specialists a high-performance alternative. For example, the 2-component epoxy resin, which has been successfully used for years in interior tank coating, is now available in other colors on request in addition to black and gray.

Steopox 248-2 HCB Multicolor offers superior resistance to many chemicals, including crude and aliphatic hydraulic oils, diesel, gasoline, aviation fuels, alkalis, detergents, dilute organic and inorganic acids, xylene and toluene. The dissipative material, which can be applied in 1K airless and 2K hot spray processes in dry film thicknesses of up to 1000┬Ám in a single operation to steel, zinc, aluminum, cement concrete or screed, has very good adhesive strength and can also withstand extreme mechanical loads for a long time.

Among the solvent-free tank coatings from Bergolin, the right solution can be found for all requirements. Talk to us!