Ultra-fast repair without compromises with BergoLED Speed Repair

Sometimes things simply have to happen quickly: In many areas, quick repair of individual parts is essential for continuous operation without long downtimes. With the new BergoLED Speed Repair System, the service life of parts in need of repair can be extended and maintenance costs significantly reduced - with time savings of up to 90 percent compared to other repair systems.

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Steopox 248 now also available in other colors

In the case of interior tank coatings, the focus is particularly on resistance to chemicals. However, electrical conductivity to prevent explosive reactions or physiological harmlessness also play an important role.

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Promising partnership

We are pleased to announce the start of a promising cooperation with METYX Composites, a market-leading company in the composites industry in Turkey. The partnership is mainly aimed at further improving and optimizing the service and performance of wind turbines.

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Gelcoat only: A product for the perfect look and durability

Prototype-class race cars have to be particularly light and at the same time very stable. But the appearance also plays an important role. Read the story behind the suitable coating system for the company CCS in our Success Story.

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Further investment in machinery

The expansion of our machinery continues. With the acquisition of a further fully automatic metering system, we are responding to the increased demand for individual shades and products. The new plant has a higher capacity and throughput speed, so that we can now react even faster and more flexibly to inquiries and produce customer-specific color shades and qualities. Various products from our industrial range, which are suitable for a wide range of requirements - e.g. in terms of gloss level or corrosion protection - serve as the basis.

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