Ultra-fast repair without compromises with BergoLED Speed Repair

Sometimes things simply have to happen quickly: In many areas, quick repair of individual parts is essential for continuous operation without long downtimes. With the new BergoLED Speed Repair System, the service life of parts in need of repair can be extended and maintenance costs significantly reduced - with time savings of up to 90 percent compared to other repair systems.

The BergoLED Speed Repair System is a true all-rounder and an excellent helper in many industries: The system consisting of resin and putty offers full protection against various environmental influences. While the resin delivers excellent results on GRP, the putty can also be used on many other common surfaces such as CFRP, steel, wood, aluminum, plastic and concrete. The 1K material only needs to be applied once and requires no prior mixing. Very good sandability and HSE conformity round off the advantages.

Depending on the type of damage to the area to be repaired, you can choose between two products: The BergoLED Speed Repair Resin for repairing structural damage or the BergoLED Speed Repair Putty for minor surface repairs.

Questions? Just get in touch with us. You can find more information about the BergoLED Speed Repair System here: