The company

Bergolin GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1909 and is a globally active company with headquarters in Germany. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality coating systems and has a wide range of products for a wide variety of applications in the fields of wind power, industry and corrosion protection.

Customers particularly appreciate the partnership-based cooperation with Bergolin. The joint development of solutions that are precisely tailored to individual requirements and processes results in significant benefits for customers in practice. Not infrequently, optimized processes and a longer product life go hand in hand with this development. Geographically, too, Bergolin offers a high degree of proximity to its customers through its subsidiaries in Poland, China and India as well as a worldwide network of cooperation partners.

An insight into our company

To develop, manufacture and deliver the highest quality coatings, you need the right team and the right environment. Join Marc Vierus, Technical Director at Bergolin, on this highly exciting tour of the company at its headquarters in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. He will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at Bergolin.

What distinguishes us


Many suppliers work with a standard range, with which basically good coatings can be created. In practice, however, this often leads to problems, e.g. due to the lack of adaptation to application equipment or the environmental conditions on site.

For this reason, users repeatedly have to make concessions that lead, among other things, to longer and more complex processes and, as a result, to higher costs.

Bergolin not only adapts its coating systems to the wishes of its customers, but also develops completely new solutions with them so that individual requirements can be implemented optimally.

  • Development of paint systems according to
    your requirements and processes
  • Solventborne, solvent-free or waterborne systems
  • Application: from manual processing to large-scale industrial production
  • Resistance to various chemical, mechanical and weathering stresses
  • Possibility of customized shades
  • Process optimization through perfectly matched coating systems

Customer proximity

Bergolin attaches great importance to working together as partners on an equal footing. As a result, the majority of our customers remain loyal to us for many years. In the course of the customer relationship, we are in constant dialog, so that new ideas for the further development of our products are constantly being generated.

We also offer our customers comprehensive on-site service. Our application engineers are highly trained and have many years of experience with a wide variety of products and systems. Whether for product launches, application problems or the planning of new plants - our technicians are always available as competent contacts.

Thanks to our subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, India and China, as well as our worldwide network of cooperation partners, we are able to offer this service not only in Germany, but worldwide and to respond to customer inquiries at short notice.

  • Continuous further development of our products through close cooperation with our customers
  • Process support for product launches or problems
  • Highly trained service technicians
  • Fast response and high flexibility for customer requests
  • Worldwide subsidiaries and cooperation partners

Know-how transfer

Bergolin has more than 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality coating systems. During this time, the product range has constantly evolved, so that we can demonstrate experience with a wide variety of application areas, substrates and application methods.

In addition, we regularly exchange information with processors and equipment manufacturers in order to continuously improve our know-how.

We pass on our knowledge to our customers in personal consulting sessions, thus helping them to further optimize their products and processes. In our training center, we also offer the possibility of employee training, in which we teach the efficient and error-free handling of our coating systems, so that an optimal production process is guaranteed.

  • Over 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality coating systems
  • Regular exchange with processors and equipment manufacturers
  • Experience with a wide variety of application areas, substrates and application methods
  • Advising our customers on the optimization of processes and the planning of new plants
  • Possibility of employee training in our training center

Research and development

There are a large number of manufacturers of coating systems worldwide. In this highly competitive market, Bergolin is able to hold its own in particular thanks to its innovation-driven products. For this reason, we place a high focus on the area of research and development, where a large proportion of our employees work.

The laboratory and application technology department has a wide range of machinery, equipment and testing devices on more than 2,500 m², providing an optimal environment for the development of new coatings. This ensures that tests can be carried out directly on our premises and potential problems can be avoided in advance.

  • High focus on research and development
  • Laboratory and application technology offer optimal conditions for the development of new coatings on an area of more than 2,500 m².
  • Possibility of in-house testing through a wide range of machines, equipment and testing devices
  • Regular participation in research projects


  • Steadily growing range of waterborne, solvent-free and high-solids coatings
  • Where technically feasible, we give preference to renewable raw materials. We constantly review the raw materials market for more environmentally friendly alternatives and adapt our product range accordingly
  • We save energy, water and raw materials through intelligent system solutions. Residual materials are reused and waste is avoided as far as possible

Further information can be found in the brochure Sustainability at Bergolin GmbH & Co. KG

Quality management

At Bergolin, customer orientation has always been at the forefront. We place the highest demands on our products as well as the associated service and meet comprehensive technical and environmental standards.

In order to be able to offer our customers the best possible mix of functionality and cost-effectiveness in the future as well, we are continuously working to improve our products and processes. This corporate culture is further underlined by certification according to DIN ENISO 9001:2015.

  • High internal standards and comprehensive quality control testing of our coatings
  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Cooperation with various external testing institutes (including AeroNordic, BAW, DIBt, Fraunhofer IFAM, iLF, KIWA)

The management

Dr. Matthias Otting
Managing Director
Marc Vierus
Technical manager
Carsten Ziegler
Sales Manager
Mike J. Holtkamp
Commercial manager
Martin Krull
R&D Manager
Nicole Eisenmenger
Team Leader Customer Service
Stefan Eisenmenger
Product Management
Martin Krull
R&D Manager
Sebastian Weyand
Health, Safety and Environment
Stefan Eisenmenger
Head of Application Technology
and Product Manager
Nicole Eisenmenger
Team Leader Customer Service


Subsidiaries (Germany, Poland, India, China, USA)

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