Promising partnership

We are pleased to announce the start of a promising cooperation with METYX Composites, a market-leading company in the composites industry in Turkey. The partnership is mainly aimed at further improving and optimizing the service and performance of wind turbines.

METYX plant in Manisa, Turkey

As part of this cooperation, METYX will represent us in Turkey with all products for coating of composite materials. METYX will start with our solutions for efficient and fast and fast repair of rotor blades. This cooperation will enable both partners to further expand their presence in the wind power market for wind turbines in Turkey and to offer customers a better service. By using our high quality coating solutions, wind turbine operators will be able to significantly improve the lifetime and performance of their turbines.

METYX is a leading global partner for high-performance technical textiles based in Turkey. The range includes multiaxial, carbon, RTM and woven textiles as well as products for vacuum bagging and prototyping and mold making. In addition, ready-to-use fabric kits, consumables for vacuum bagging and core making (PVC, PET, balsa) are offered, and all products are manufactured in the company's six factories in Turkey, Hungary and the USA.