Protective Coatings

Sheet 87

Without sufficient corrosion protection, not only the appearance of steel structures suffers, but also the statics can be impaired over time and even lead to the decommissioning or complete renovation of objects.

Due to year-round weathering and mechanical stresses, steel structures in traffic engineering, such as car and railroad bridges, are particularly at risk. Bergolin offers you a coating system that is optimized for this application and whose suitability is confirmed by the Sheet 87 approval of the Federal Highway Research Institute.

In addition to excellent corrosion protection, our systems are characterized by very good UV and color stability, excellent adhesion and easy processing.

Recommended TSD
Bergolin 2C Zinc Dust Primer 3E8710
EP zinc dust / solvent-based
40-100 µm
Bergolin 2C ZP Primer 3E8720
EP zinc phosphate / HS
Steel, Zinc, Aluminum
60-120 µm
Intermediate coating
Bergolin 2C MIO Coating 6E8730
EP micaceous iron ore / solventborne
Steel, Zinc, Aluminum
40-120 µm
Bergolin 2C MIO Intermediate Coat 6D8740
PU micaceous iron ore / solvent-based
Steel, Zinc, Aluminum
40-100 µm
Top coat
Bergolin 2C MIO Topcoat 6D8750
PU micaceous iron ore / solvent-based
Steel, Zinc, Aluminum
40-100 µm
Bergolin 2C Topcoat 6D8760
PU / solvent based
Steel, Zinc, Aluminum
40-100 µm

We protect
what is important to you.


General properties

Approvals for
various OEMs
(BMW, Daimler, Porsche,
VW, Jaguar, GM, Toyota,
Honda, Mazda)
Also available as an aqueous


Corrosion protection
Solvent variant:
up to 8 cycles
VDA change test
Aqueous variant:
up to 12 cycles
VDA change test*.
Very good
(e.g. against gasolines
and oils)
stone impact resistance


Fast drying
(20 min. at 80°C
object temperature)
Can be used as a one-coat paint
processing spectrum

We protect
what is important to you.

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