Protective Coatings

Hydraulic steelwork

Steel water structures are exposed to strong corrosive stresses. To ensure a long service life of the structures, it is therefore imperative to have a coating that effectively protects against sun, rain, wind, water and salt.

Coprenal 242 is a tar- and solvent-free coating system with high chemical and mechanical resistance, making it particularly suitable for steel surfaces exposed to heavy loads.

The versatility of this product is demonstrated by the numerous applications in which it has already been used. These include weirs, penstocks, sluices, sheet piling and cathodic protection systems.

The tremendous durability of this coating allows rehabilitation intervals to be significantly extended, resulting in both time and cost savings.

Coprenal 242 has been thoroughly tested and approved by the Bundesanstaltfür Wasserbau (BAW) in Karlsruhe.

Example coating structure


General properties

VOC/solvent free
Also suitable for
BAW approval
Suitable for KKS plants
Non-porous, smooth, tough-hard


corrosion protection
Abrasion resistant and
mechanically highly


Can be processed in airless and
hot spray processes
Dry film thicknesses
of up to 1200 μm
in one operation

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